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Kiteboarding wetsuits and other waterwear is far more than an athletic fashion statement; it is an important part of any rider's safety, comfort, and performance. From a protective vest that doubles as a flotation device to a hook knife for cutting away lines, kitesurfers must pay special attention to the gear they select.

When kitesurfing in colder temperatures or high winds, body heat can dissipate rapidly. One solution can be found in  wetsuits, which are one-piece, full-length suits that protect the wearer's entire body from heat loss as well as abrasions and even jelly fish. When the water or air temperature drops even more, many riders prefer dry suits to keep them warmer, more comfortable, and safer.

Kiteboarding gloves help retain heat whether in the water or on land, but they also help protect the hands from scrapes or cuts. Kiteboarding boots come in a variety of styles. For example, the Hotline Split Toe Booties work great as kitesurfing boots that allowed excellent dexterity while still protecting from frigid waters. Neoprene booties can also protect your feet from cuts caused by stepping on shells and rocks. From head to toe, our kiteboarding gear can take you to the next level. Browse our competitively priced apparel and receive free shipping on all orders over $39!