Kite Trade-In Program


We'll offer you a generous trade in value for your kite.  We want used to kites to refurbish and sell or to recycle.  We want the really old kites to be recycled into bags, chaning ponchos, or changing mats. To encourage you to do that, we will give you up to $400 off a new kite complete.  Here is how it works:


1. Send us your old kite

2. Pick out your new kite

3. Call or email us to let us know your old kite is coming and you want the deal

4. You get $400 off a kite 14m or larger, $300 off a kite 11-13m, $250 off a kite 7-10m, and $200 off any kite 6m or less


If you have the bar/lines to go with your trade-in kite, even better.  The bag is a bonus, but we do not need the pump.  

Of course, to keep us from losing our shirt, this only applies to new kites sold at MSRP.  It only applies on a "one trade in kite to one new kite purchase".  Sorry, you can send us multiple trade-in kites for one bigger discount. This also doesn't apply to Flysurfer Peak kites or trainer kites.


This originally started to get unsafe kites off the market and out of the hands of newbies.  Since that happens less these days, we now use the old kites to either fix up and resell or recycle them into various kite bags.