First Steps

Kiteboarding Instruction by Adventure Bicycle & Kiteboarding L.L.C.

First, we will assess your current abilities, experience, and background.  With that information we custom tailor instruction to your needs.  

It is not uncommon for us to spend time working with a trainer kite for to gain kite control skills and awareness of the wind window.  From there, we rehearse just about everything you will be doing on the water.

The cost of kiteboarding instruction is $75 per hour.  In general, it takes anywhere from 5-9 hours of instruction for someone to be up and riding in both directions safely.  Of course, it depends on the rider.  All the gear you need to learn is provided for you and is included in the lesson cost.

The most challenging thing about kiteboarding in Milwaukee is the wind!  Our wind is not consistent and depends upon fronts that come through.  Therefore, youhave to be able to go kiteboarding on the days when we do get wind.  Those of us who are truly addicted to kiteboarding get to ride about twice a week.