Learn To Kiteboard

Learn to Kiteboard

Kiteboarding without instruction is EXTREMELY dangerous to you and others. We urge you to take lessons from a qualified professional before attempting any kiteboarding or even using a large kite.

Yes, Kiteboarding is great fun. It can be exciting, beautiful, and even relaxing. But if you do not know how to properly use the specialized equipment, you could die, you could kill those around you, or you all could live with terrible consequences. The learning curve is not that bad, but the outcomes of not taking lessons are.

Lessons are provided in the Milwaukee area by Adventure Bicycle & Kiteboarding L.L.C. Click here for information or call 414-367-WAVE.

All of the gear you need to learn is provided for you. 

However, you can always purchase your own equipment.  A complete, brand new setup — kite, board, bar & lines, harness, and kite bag at extremely affordable package pricing. This deal is ABSOLUTELY GREAT for new kiteboarders!

Our experience starts on land

The first part of the kiteboarding experience begins by learning how to control the kite on land.

Some general safety tips can be found here, but please don’t mistake reading some ideas about safe kiting for taking lessons. Reading tips or safety pointers does not negate the need for lessons.

Here are a couple of videos demonstrating the dangers of kiteboarding without lessons, or at least without using what has been taught!