Collection: Beginner Board Buy Back Program

Beginner kiteboards really do make a huge difference in helping you get up and riding as fast as possible. But you're worried about outgrowing this significant investment in just a few months, right?

Our beginners' board deal offers you a high quality beginner board that you can return to us for full credit on your next board. You're basically getting two boards for the price of one!

So, buy a beginner board without worry and when you're ready for a more advanced board that won't hold you back, your wallet won't be holding back either.

Board must be returned in un-abused condition within a year of purchase to qualify for credit.


For example, buy a Nobile NBL for $399 complete, and return it to us less than 12 months later for $399 toward a Cabrinha ACE.  

nobile-nbl-2014.jpg  = trade in for a -->ace-white.jpg

You pay return shipping and the board has to be in normal wear condition.  Even if it is not, we will still most likely ofter you a great deal.