Collection: Boards


Kiteboarding boards come in a variety of styles, but no matter what your price range or ability is, you're sure to find the perfect kiteboard for your needs.

Twin-tip boards are our most popular style, and are regarded as the best suited for beginners. We also have directional kiteboards for light wind, racing, and kitesurfing. If you want to get really progressive, we now carry hydrofoils from MHL. The hydrofoil kiteboard is the closest thing to the hoverboard yet invented.

When there is not wind, stand-up paddle boards are a great option. These are considered by many to offer the best combination of versatility, performance and stability, and inflatable models make transport and storage easier.

Shoppers who prefer something other than a kitesurf board can select from a variety of other styles. For example, the MBS Mountainboard lets riders enjoy their kites even if they are far from the water, while the Nobile snowkiteboard brings a new level of fun to winter sports.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about which kiteboard is right for you!