Collection: Lightwind

Light Wind Kites

Boasting a large surface area, splitboards and lightwind kiteboards are ideal for kiteboarding enthusiasts who want to enjoy gentler rides in lighter breezes. Lightwind kiteboards have been especially designed for these conditions and are an ideal addition to any enthusiast's board collection. A larger surface is needed to maintain balance and a smooth ride in light wind conditions, which can often prove more difficult to navigate than strong winds. We also offer special light wind kites to pair with your light wind board. We're proud to provide name-brand kites for light wind including Naish, Cabrinha and Ozone kites.

For those who want to pack a light wind kiteboard on an airplane or long trip, splitboards are ideal. True to their name, these boards can be broken down into two pieces for easier storage and transportation. Specialty bags are available for use with splitboards and light wind kites.

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