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Kite Bars, Lines, & Safety Leashes

Kiteboarding bars are essential to a great riding experience. When it comes to embracing the rush of kiteboarding, there are a few key accessories that even the pro's simply can't do without. At the heart of a kiteboarding setup are bars and lines, which provide the vital connection between the rider, kite and board. As you shop for kite lines, remember that choosing a line of the correct length and quality is essential. We're here to help give you direction if you're stuck making a decision. 

We're proud to offer a wide variety of kite lines including major brands such as Cabrinha and Spectra kite line. Line lengths range from 14 to 20 meters with optional 2m extensions. For the best results, be sure to evaluate your bar before choosing replacement lines. Ask one of the experts at Adventure Kiteboarding if you need any help.

A kiteboarding leash is also a must-have for any kiter. Short leashes are preferred over long leashes for safety reasons, especially for new kiteboarding enthusiasts. Browse our selection of lines and leashes today and choose the one that fits your needs. Remember, shipping is always free on orders of $39 or more!